Envisioned in Berlin

New Sommer Collection



N91 was founded in Berlin in 2018. The name is inspired by the historic postal code of the district in Mitte in which our headquarters are located. The German capital has a major influence on our creative output. The metropolis is a melting pot of sources of inspiration that are far from being entirely obvious to the naked eye. Instead, they lie in the underlying feel of the city, which is unique thanks to its diversity. Starting with the former separation of East and West, and the resulting divergence in architectural styles, it is above all the city’s multicultural coexistence that contributes to its unrivalled appeal. The club and music scenes are so vibrant that boundaries become blurred, and separation ceases to exist in Berlin, people wear what they want to wear. It is precisely this sense of freedom that we would like to achieve: celebrating Berlin‘s tolerant togetherness and recreating an element of that liberation and unrestricted harmony with our N91 brand. N91 stands for more than just physical comfort. Our shoes are creations in which we are at ease with ourselves. Accompanying us throughout the day, these models visually underpin how we see ourselves, inspiring mental wellbeing, and comfort in our own skin.