Manifested in Portugal

New Sommer Collection



Our products are manufactured under fair conditions. In this way, we are doing our part to preserve the craft of shoemaking. This heritage skill combines tradition and passion and, we combine this with durable, high quality, and sustainable materials. We regularly visit our production site in Portugal to ensure that all the conditions there meet our ethical standards. As such, we maintain a trusting relationship and respectful partnership with the local employees. However, "Made in Europe" does not just mean that the shoe itself is ultimately manufactured in Portugal. All the components that go into making our models have their origins in Europe too. Thanks to the strong network around our production locations, we are also able to support smaller companies in the surrounding area. From laces to soles, we source all our materials from within a small radius. By keeping transport distances short, we are thus helping to protect our environment and can be sure that our products are of high value across many levels. Nature and natural are values integral to our products, so vegan models are also a permanent fixture within our collections.